Motiv8 Coaching offers expert & personalized coaching programs for all runners and triathletes, newbie or experienced, slow or fast, young or old, fit or unfit:

  • Are you new to running but have no idea how to start and ramp up in a safe, healthy and injury-free manner, which shoes to wear, dietary and nutritional changes required, etc?
  • Do you wish to try your hand at triathlon?
  • Do you aspire and dream of training for and becoming an Ironman (or may be a half-Ironman as the first step)?
  • Have you run a half or full marathon but are looking for some expert and personalized coaching and mentoring to improve your performance?
  • Are you an experienced runner/triathlete, but are unable to go beyond a certain level on your own?
  • Are you aiming for a long-term goal like qualifying for the Boston Marathon?
  • Are you looking to train for ultra-marathons like Comrades, Two Oceans, Bangalore Ultra or some other?

If so, then our coaching programs and initiatives can help you:

  • Personalized Coaching: Personalized coaching for individual athletes. Sign up!
  • Group Coaching: Belong to or wanna start a running group at your club, company or organization? Check out our group coaching.
  • Running Workshops: Attend an upcoming running workshop or arrange one for your club, company or organization.

Not Interested In Coaching?

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Motiv8 Coaching is started by accomplished athlete Atul Godbole, who is passionate about running, triathlon, and other endurance activities and believes that it is an excellent path to a healthy and fit lifestyle via continuous self-improvement. He is passionate about helping others achieve the same.

Motiv8 athletes after a group run.