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What’s included

  • personalised coaching program prepared after an initial discussion with you regarding:
    • Your current fitness level.
    • Your past/recent experience and exposure to running and other endurance activities like cycling, swimming, trekking, hiking, etc.
    • Your immediate and long term targets and goals.
    • Your weekly schedule and time commitments.
  • Detailed weekly plan for all your workouts.

  • Access to your own private running log to record objective and subjective info about all your workouts.

  • Weekly review of your workouts and progress.
  • Tweaks and changes to the program every 2-3 weeks as and when necessary depending on fitness gains.
  • Prescription of cross-training, strength training, leg strengthening, core exercises regimen.
  • Diet and nutrition advise based on your training load, training goals, etc.
  • Detailed pacing plan for your key races.
  • Detailed nutrition plan for your key races.
  • Motiv8 Coaching technical T-Shirt.
  • Weekly meeting and interaction (at per-defined time and place) with the coach to discuss any training related questions, queries, doubts, etc (applicable for Pune based athletes only).
  • Unlimited interaction with the coach via phone, email and whatsapp.

Coaching Program Duration

  • 6 Month Comprehensive Coaching Program
  • 12 Month Comprehensive Coaching Program

Sign Up for Running/Triathlon Coaching


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