Motiv8 athletes after a long run.

If you belong to or plan to start a running group, at a school, university, club, organization, company or just an informal group of friends that enjoy running or want to start running, you may benefit from Motiv8’s Group Coaching Program which will bring a structured approach to running and training. It will bring a new element to your running making it more enjoyable and targeted. Motiv8 Coaching will assist you by developing, implementing and facilitating a running program that will be fun, inclusive and effective. Whether for overall fitness improvement, or to prepare for a specific event from a ‘couch to 5K’ run all the way to a full marathon, the Motiv8 Group Coaching can help you.

For more details, contact:  or Call/Whatsapp on 9011060401

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Motiv8 athletes after Our Marathon 2016.