The Complete Running And Training Workshop



To arrange a workshop for your club, group, organization or company, contact Atul Godbole: Email: or Call/Whatsapp on 9011060401

Details About The Workshop

  • Are you serious about improvement as a runner?
  • Do you want to avoid injuries?
  • Do you want to know the core principles about running and training?
  • Do you want continuous self-improvement and new personal records over many years and years?
  • Are you plagued by injuries all the time?
  • Have you plateaued in performance and times?
  • Are you anxious about your training and races rather than looking forward to them?
  • Are you frustrated and depressed about your running rather than happy and excited?


If the above applies to you, you owe it to yourself to invest one day to attend this interactive workshop on running and training conducted by Atul Godbole, Founder of Motiv8 Coaching.

Contact Information
Atul Godbole: Email: or Call/Whatsapp on 9011060401

In this workshop, you will get a complete 360 degree picture of running and training. Instead of promising some silver bullet or magic formula like “perfect running form” or “THE ONE AND ONLY training plan”, we will learn and discuss all aspects of running and training including basic principles of training, running form, nutrition and diet, rest and recovery, strength training, cross training, injury avoidance, stretching and more.we will discuss, demonstrate and practice:

  • The core principles of training which will improve your times while keeping you free of injuries and illnesses.
  • Proper running form – developing a smooth, efficient and elegant running form along with exercises and drills to help you achieve that, not just poetic and dreamy descriptions about “elements of elegant form”.
  • Training optimally rather than maximally. Train smart rather than hard!
  • Developing mental fitness and toughness for training as well as racing. Total fitness = Physical Fitness + Mental Fitness
  • Rest and recovery, diet, and nutrition – You need to be a 24-hour athlete. You cannot be a chump off the field.
  • Strengthening exercises for your complete body to make you a durable and injury-free runner – The chassis as well as the engine are equally important, and too often, the engine breaks the chassis.
  • Cross training, warmup, cooldown, stretching, foam-rolling, massage.Take care of your body!
  • Common running injuries, how to avoid them in the first place, and how to deal with them if they occur at all.
  • Case studies of actual athletes coached by Atul Godbole.


This interactive workshop will be conducted by Atul Godbole, Founder & Coach of Motiv8 Coaching. Atul Godbole himself is an accomplished athlete who has done many full marathons (personal best time 3:15) and countless half marathons (personal best time 1:28). He has bagged podium finishes in 10K, half marathon as well as full marathon races.

Early on, Atul Godbole experienced the usual issues faced by all runners including performance plateaus, injuries, using incorrect shoes, wrong nutrition and diet, wrong advise, ignoring important aspects like strengthening, rest & recovery, etc. He firmly believes that expert and knowledgeable guidance could have helped him improve as a runner much faster and avoid all the injuries, performance-plateaus and the associated negative emotions like frustration, anxiety, etc.

Allow Atul Godbole to guide you to the correct and optimal path to self-improvement as a runner. One which will keep you happy and injury-free while churning out personal records year after year.

The workshop will be interactive with lots of discussions, demonstrations, question and answers. This is not a classroom type workshop (though there will be a couple of talks, again interactive) – you will have fun and learn at the same time! Be prepared to revolutionize your running!


Contact Information
Atul Godbole: Email: or Call/Whatsapp on 9011060401