Comrades 2019 Race Report by Taru Mateti

race report by Taru Mateti Comrades 2019 Race Report – Taru Mateti Flashback to a year ago 10 Jun 2018: Finished Comrades Down run in 10:53:02 to get the Bronze medal, totally elated, and declared […]

Comrades 2019 Race Report by Samrudhi Kulkarni

race report by Samrudhi Kulkarni On June 9, 2019, I attempted the Comrades Marathon, running the “up run”, from Durban to Pietermaritzburg. It was a dream come true! I completed with a timing of 10.46 […]

Comrades 2019 Race Report

by Coach Atul Godbole Comrades 2019 Race Report Bottom-Line Finished my 3rd Comrades Marathon in a time of 10:38. Pleasantly surprised because a better than expected result. Post Finish Details Comrades 2019 was my 3rd […]

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