Ask The Coach QnA: running on same loop; determining Max HR

Coach Atul Godbole answers your training related questions…

Q. Sagar asks “I do all my runs on a 500m loop. Is that OK or should I change routes?”

A. Yes, its better to change routes every now and then, especially on such short loops of 500m. At the very least you should change running direction (clockwise and counter-clockwise), so you are not always turning in the same direction, which can lead to overuse of one side of the muscles and possibly injury.

Another reason to vary running routes is so you can run on a variety of terrain, sometimes flat, sometimes rolling, etc. Running on the same short route all the time means you (mind and body) get “used” to it.


Q. Renu asks “How do I determine my Max HR? Is the formula of 220-age good to use?”

A.  The (220-age) formula is a general guideline to use when you do not know your Max HR. However, its often not accurate, since the Max HR varies quite a bit from person to person. 2 persons with the same age can have a Max HR of as low as 170 and as high as 210.

So the best way to determine your own Max HR is to do a Max HR test, or to get your Max HR reading from a recent race effort. Take 2-3 such readings to confirm the Max HR.



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