Ask The Coach Weekly QnA: optical or chest belt HR monitor; training for night marathon

Coach Atul Godbole answers your training related questions…

Q. Uma asks “Which is better HR monitor? Chest belt or those integrated in the watch?”

A. The HR monitor integrated in the watch used optical technology – it is not as accurate as a chest belt based HR monitor, though the difference is very less now, and its certainly accurate enough for normal training. Another thing to consider is how much watch battery life it affects.

On the other hand, HR chest belts are not the most convenient to use and many people find they cause chaffing and either keep slipping down or feel too tight. Ultimate, its a matter of personal preference and weighing the pros and cons.


Q. Rahul asks “I am training for a night marathon – should I train at night?”

A. Not all the time, but yes, it would be advisable to do a few training runs at around the same time as your actual race. Follow the same meal, nutrition and sleep timetable on your training days that you intend to keep on race day. This ensures that your body and more importantly your mind is acclimatized and that there are no surprises on race day.


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