Walk and map out transition areas

When you check in your bike in T1, the day before the race, walk around the transition area as well as the swim venue. Follow the path from the swim exit all the way to […]

Keep your bike in low gear in T1

When you check-in your bike in T1 the day before the race, make sure to keep it in low gear. Do not let a bike in high gear take you by surprise. The last thing […]

10-minute body work routine

For 3-4 days a week, before dinner, do 5 minutes of foam rolling followed by 5 minutes of light stretching. This is especially useful in a period of heavy training. Your body will thank you. […]

Prevent fogging of swim googles

Are you sick and tired of your swim googles fogging up mid-swim? Here is a effective tip: Before the swim start, spit in the googles from inside and outside, wipe it around and dunk in […]

Quick and simple way to count your cadence

Do not have a fancy GPS watch with a built-in accelerometer which counts your cadence? Do not want to use a metronome? No problem, here is a quick and simple way to count your cadence: […]

Glucovita For Instant Energy Boost & Insurance

During your workouts, carry a roll of Glucovita tablets (pictured above) for instant energy boost. It is also great insurance if you ever feel dizzy mid workout. For diabetics, it can be a life-saver! Comes […]

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