Tip to improve your workouts and reduce injuries

Many runners find it difficult to do their workouts in the early morning workouts. The entire body feels lazy and you feel like just dragging your heels. If you do workouts, especially hard or long […]

Use this device to improve your swim cadence

Beginner swimmers often have quite a low cadence (arm turnover or strokes per minute). Even when consciously trying to improve their cadence, they start out well, but find that their cadence drops as the workout […]

Getting lazy with your cool-down? Use this tip

Do you find yourself getting lazy with your cool-down and skipping it all the time? Don’t! The cool-down is an essential part of your workout routine, and doing an adequate cool-down after your long/hard workouts […]

Getting rid of post workout headaches: Redux

Having headaches post your long runs, bikes or swims? In a previous tip, we saw one way of getting rid of headaches. Here is another way: Many runners run with lot of tension and stiffness […]

A surefire way to get rid of a side stitch

Ever had to stop or slow down your run by the nasty and painful feeling in the side of your stomach? Thats a side stitch. Two of the most common causes are heavy eating and […]

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