Keep your bike in low gear in T1

When you check-in your bike in T1 the day before the race, make sure to keep it in low gear. Do not let a bike in high gear take you by surprise. The last thing […]

10-minute body work routine

For 3-4 days a week, before dinner, do 5 minutes of foam rolling followed by 5 minutes of light stretching. This is especially useful in a period of heavy training. Your body will thank you. […]

Prevent fogging of swim googles

Are you sick and tired of your swim googles fogging up mid-swim? Here is a effective tip: Before the swim start, spit in the googles from inside and outside, wipe it around and dunk in […]

Quick and simple way to count your cadence

Do not have a fancy GPS watch with a built-in accelerometer which counts your cadence? Do not want to use a metronome? No problem, here is a quick and simple way to count your cadence: […]

Glucovita For Instant Energy Boost & Insurance

During your workouts, carry a roll of Glucovita tablets (pictured above) for instant energy boost. It is also great insurance if you ever feel dizzy mid workout. For diabetics, it can be a life-saver! Comes […]

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