Use this device to improve your swim cadence

Beginner swimmers often have quite a low cadence (arm turnover or strokes per minute). Even when consciously trying to improve their cadence, they start out well, but find that their cadence drops as the workout or race progresses, often due to lack of proper feedback.

A metronome specially designed for swimming is a perfect device to fix this issue. One such device is the FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro.

You set the desired cadence (the beep frequency) and wear it under your swim cap and it emits an audible beep at your set cadence.

Your job is to try to match your strokes to that cadence. Its pretty illuminating how lazy your stroke can get after some time if there is no cadence to guide you.

With such instant and continuous feedback and guide, you will improve your swim cadence within a few workouts or weeks till it becomes ingrained in muscle memory. Try it out!


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