Getting rid of post workout headaches: Redux

Having headaches post your long runs, bikes or swims? In a previous tip, we saw one way of getting rid of headaches. Here is another way:

Many runners run with lot of tension and stiffness in the upper body including the shoulders and neck – this can cause headaches after your runs.

Try to run with the upper body relaxed. And do the followed upper-body stretches post your run:

  • Tilt head slowly from side to side:
  • Nod head slowly up and down:
  • Rotate your head clockwise and counter-clockwise.
  • Use one hand, pull the other arm towards you so that the elbow touches your chest. Keep the elbow high and straight. Repeat with both arms.
  • Upper back stretch – keep elbows close together, and high, palms facing skyward.
  • Shoulder and arm stretch – as shown below:

Include these stretches in your post-run routine and see if makes a difference!


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