Who wants to train for their first 5K run with me?

Have you ever wanted to take up running for health and fitness but were afraid or doubtful to start.

Do you have questions and doubts which prevent you from taking the first step?

Fear no more!

I am Atul Godbole, founder and head coach at Motiv8 Coaching. An accomplished athlete myself, I have trained hundreds of runners and triathletes for a variety of endurance events in running and triathlon. See Race Results for some achievements of our athletes.

If you have always wanted to take up running for health and fitness, but could never take the first step because of a variety of reasons, this is a perfect opportunity for you to finally take that leap!

Train for your first 5K under my expert guidance and run your first 5K in style!

  • I will give you a safe and easy to complete training plan which you can follow along day-to-day.
  • I will answer any and all your doubts and queries during the entire duration of the training.
  • I will keep you motivated during the training period and make sure you do not slack off.

On race day, we will do the ‘My First 5K’ run together for those in Pune (at a central location to be decided later).

For those outside Pune, you will complete the race using Strava app (details will be shared upon enrollment).

All of us will share your achievement with each other, and with friends and family.

All finishers will get a special commemorative trophy which will serve as a memory for a lifetime.

Wait, there’s more…

All finishers will also get a dri-fit running tee-shirt which you wear proudly for long after your first 5K.

Are you ready to take control of your health and fitness? Are you ready to do your first 5K?

Enroll now for just Rs 2999

Enroll For My First 5K



Contact info@motiv8coaching.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When does the program start?

A. This edition of the My First 5K program will start from Monday , 25th November 2019.

Q. How long does the training last?

A. The training will last for 5 weeks, and you will do your first 5K at the end of those 5 weeks, on Sunday 30th December 2019. Just in time to brag at your New Year’s Party 🙂

Q. Do I have to come anywhere to do the training?

A. No, I know life can get pretty busy. You can do the training runs at a time and place of your own convenience.

Q. I live outside Pune. Can I enroll?

A. Of course! Since this is a virtual/online training program, you can follow it along wherever you are on the face of the earth.

Q. Do I have to come to Pune for the 5K race at the end of 6 weeks?

A. No, while all of us in Pune will do the 5K race together, those outside of Pune can do the race on their own and record it using Strava app (details will be shared upon enrollment).

Q. If I am outside Pune, will I get the commemorative trophy and tee-shirt?

A. Of course, we will mail it to you.