What it takes to qualify for Boston (BQ)

Since clocking a Boston Qualifying time of 3:04 in the Full Marathon on 17th January 2021, I have received countless queries from runners all over the country and in some instances from outside India too, […]

Training In The Time Of Corona

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the world, a lot of our daily routine has been interrupted. Things we take for granted, like the corner eatery or the multiplex and mall are closed since many […]

Tackling the racing off-season

The racing season in India comes to an end in January/February. However, with the proliferation of events and races these days, there is no “off-season” as such like there used to be just a few […]

Optimal versus maximal training

In today’s fast moving world, people are always chasing faster and faster results, bigger and bigger growth, and more and more improvements. The same applies to runners and triathletes. Unfortunately, for better or worse, our […]

Hill Repeats

Hill repeats are a safe way to improve your strength and speed. When As prescribed by coach. How Much As prescribed by coach. How The workout should be done as follows: Dynamic stretching. Thorough warm […]

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