Team Motiv8 athletes at Ironman 70.3 Colombo give a great performance

Proud of our 6 athletes who turned in a great performance at Sunday’s Ironman 70.3 Colombo. 5 of them were doing their first 70.3 distance race.

All of them were busy juggling long work hours with the demanding training load, and full credit to them for devoting to the goal with full focus and dedication. Most of them were in another city than the coach, but this did not prove to be any hurdle since they were communicating constantly with the coach and using all the tools and technology being provided by the coach for their training plans, monitoring, etc.

Special kudos to Swapnil Kumbharkar from Sangli who is the first athlete from that city to complete a 70.3 race. The entire city is extremely proud of him!

The fire in their bellies have been lit, and they are talking about doing another 70.3 soon, and eventually a full Ironman.

Anil Kumar: 7:53

Ashay Mahajan:

Ayesha Bharucha: 7:00

Swapnil Kumbharkar: 7:12

Pranav Moghe: 7:26

Srivatsa Mahesh: 8:03


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