Team Motiv8 at the Comrades Up Run 2017

A proud moment this Sunday for the entire Team Motiv8 as 9 athletes took on the mighty beast that is the Comrades Comrades Up run! Here the results:

 Krishna Sirothia- 10:24 (10:57 last year)
Vishwas Suryawanshi- 10:24                                                                                                                                    Sameer Vasant Wagle– 11:22 (11:45 last year)                                                                                                     – Arup Singh Moirangthemangthem 11:25
Samir Chitre-11:47 (11:51 last year)
Nikhil Kamat – 11:48
Jayanta Borkakoti– 11:48
Neelam Vaid – 11:48

Shashibhushan Kolhe could not complete despite training very hard, but the comeback is always stronger than the setback, and he will be back next year more determined than ever.

All for one and one for all as the athletes stuck to their training and race strategy and crossed the finish line stronglyAlso congratulations to every other athlete, Indian or otherwise, who attempted Comrades this year!

The finish line will always humble you, no matter what hard work & sacrifices you made in the past four months, but its just a small price to pay to achieve this ultimate glory!!

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