Breakthrough performances at BMW Berlin Marathon 2019 by Team Motiv8


The most awaited world major marathon – BMW Berlin Marathon 2019 took place on 29th September 2019. Kenenisa Bekele put up a mind blowing inspirational show by doing a 2:01:41 marathon. All the Motiv8 athletes did an amazing job as well scoring personal best performances. Surely, this one was memorable for all of us!

BMW – Berlin Marathon 2019
Krishna Sirothia – 3:11
Vishwas Suryawanshi – 3:17
Vaishali Karad – 4:36
Sumitra Joshi – 4:31
Ashish Joshi – 4:57
Sameer Wagle – 4:02
Souvik Mukherjee – 3:58

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