Amazing performances by Team Motiv8 athletes at Unity Run Pune, Ladakh Marathon 2019 and Maybank Bali Half Marathon 2019


It was memorable Sunday for Team Motiv8 athletes at Unity Run Pune, Ladakh Marathon and Bali Half Marathon. All the athletes gave their best performances and gained a number of Personal records and achievements. The Ladakh Marathon was toughest amongst all the events. Unlike other marathons, the Ladakh Marathon requires at least a week of acclimatization. You are running at 3500m above sea level. Maybank Bali Marathon (MBM) is a running event held in Bali. This running event has combination of flat and uphill routes.


Ladakh Marathon 2019

Madhuri Nimje – 6:39

Rahul Murdeshwar – 2:45

Maybank Bali Marathon 2019

Roohi Chandra – 2:08

Pune Unity Run

Radha Kousadikar – 1:56 (Winner in a category)
Samrudhi Kulkarni – 2:02 (1st Runner-Up in a category)
Madhura Ghaisas – 2:17
Ketan Kamat – 2:23
Hemant Parmar – 2:16
Abhishek Visal – 2:29
Ravi Tomar – 1:41 (1st Runner-up in a category)
Shahril Suleiman – 1:45

Savita Ambekar – 58:38(2nd Runner-Up in a category)

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