The official Comrades Marathon video 2017 features Motiv8 athlete and back to back Comrades Marathon finisher Sameer Wagle

An inspiring Comrades Marathon Video displaying grit and determination of every participant.!

Great moment for each one of us at Team Motiv8 as we watch our athlete Sameer Vasant Wagle [back to back Comrades Marathon finisher] strong at the finish line (2:36sec in the video).

Another great Motiv8 team awaits Comrades 2018 Asijiki – There’s No Turning Back.

No Turning Back #Comrades2018

You've sacrificed. You've worked for it. You've faced the obstacles. And you've got this. There's No Turning Back – Asijiki #Comrades2018

Posted by ComradesMarathon on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Video Sources: Comrades Marathon Association

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