Champion South African Runner & Kona Qualifier acknowledges Atul Godbole

Founder and Coach Atul Godbole had an overwhelming moment of honor, when the Comrades 2017 runners from Team Motiv8 handed him a jacket presented to him by South African runner and triathlete Alec Riddle. Alec is a 10 time Comrades finisher, World Age Group Champion at 70.3 Las Vegas and a Kona qualifier. He is also currently a television commentator for Ironman and Comrades.

On learning that a team of 9 runners from India is participating in Comrades this year, Alec gave this jacket to Atul, the coach, in appreciation and encouragement.

Atul’s comments are below:

“This jacket belongs as much to the Comrades runners as well as the entire team from Motiv8 Coaching for their support and motivation and well wishes during this entire journey. Thank you Alec, it means a lot to all of us. Looking forward to tackling Comrades next year with an even bigger and stronger team of 20 runners”

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