Do these stretches if suffering from groin/inner thigh pain/tightness

Groin and/or inner thigh pain and/or tightness is a pretty common niggle encountered by runners. If not nipped in the bud, it can blow up into a serious injury.

Here are some stretches you can do to take care of the niggle. All these stretches work on the adducters and help to relieve the tightness that is associated with a (minorly) strained groin/inner thigh muscles:

(Butterfly stretch)

(Note feet out further away from you than the previous stretch)

(Extend the foot out to the side as much as you can)

Cycle through these stretches 2-3 times, holding the stretch for 30 seconds each time. Ideally, these stretches should be done after a few minutes of foam rolling of the area.

Make sure to accompany these stretches with some strengthening exercises too. Using resistance band exercises to work those adductors is a good way to go.



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