Ask The Coach Weekly QnA: caffeinated gels; wetsuits

Coach Atul Godbole answers your training related questions…

Q. Sarika asks “Are caffeinated gels better than non-caffeinated ones?”

A. As the name indicates, caffeinated gels contain a small amount of caffeine along with carbs. Caffeine is a stimulant and is supposed to help you a bit in endurance activities. However, this only holds if you do not otherwise drink coffee. If you drink coffee daily, then your body is used to caffeine and you will not feel much difference between the two types of gels.

On the other hand, if your body is not exposed to caffeine and you take caffeinated gels during a race, some experience a “racing heart” due to the stimulating properties of caffeine. For this reason, always try out caffeinated gels during training rather than directly during a race.


Q. Gunjan asks “Do wetsuits assist in flotation?”

A. Yes, wetsuits assist in flotation as they give extra buoyancy to your body. This also reduces drag while swimming and consequently your swim speed also increases a bit when using a wetsuit. In general, beginner swimmers get more benefit (in terms of increased speed) from wetsuits than advanced swimmers.



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