Ask The Coach QnA: warmup for easy run; chest or arm HR belt

Coach Atul Godbole answers your training related questions…

Q. Raviraj asks “Is a run warmup needed for an easy run?”

A. No run warmup is needed for easy runs, instead just do the first 1-2K on the slower side. But make sure not to skip the dynamic warmup though, it is recommended before any kind of run.

Q. Adarsh asks “Which HR monitor is better – chest belt or optical arm belt?”

A. The chest HR strap is more accurate though it can be a bit inconvinient and uncomfortable for many. The armband based optical HR monitors are almost as  accurate nowadays as the chest based ones, so my recommendation would be to go for that.

All this assumes you do not want to just upgrade your GPS watch to one which has a built-in HR monitor – most newer GPS watches have a built-in optical HR monitor and they are pretty good and accurate. No need for a separate HR monitor!



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