Ask The Coach QnA: time to regain fitness; getting back to training

Coach Atul Godbole answers your training related questions…

Q. Ajay asks “With the coronavirus lockdown, will I lose fitness and how much time will it take to come back to my previous fitness level”

A. Yes, you will definitely lose run/bike/swim specific fitness, even if you are doing other exercises. But the good news is that it will come back equally fast. Usually, it takes the same or less amount of time to regain past fitness as the amount of time you are lost. For example, if you have stopped workouts for 6 weeks, it will take 6 weeks or less, provided you ramp up carefully and gradually.

Q. Rekha asks “How should I resume my training post the lockdown. I am afraid of injury”

A. It is important to get back to training in a safe and gradual way so as to avoid injury and other types of overload. This is especially important in running.

The more time you have gone without training, the more low you must start. For 6 weeks of layoff, start with 30-40% of your pre-lockdown volume, and then ramp up to your pre-lockdown volume over 3-4 weeks. This applies to your long runs also. Be sure to distribute your volume evenly over the entire week, and go easy or skip on speed workouts in the first few weeks.



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