Ask The Coach QnA: running indoors; doing exercises fast

Coach Atul Godbole answers your training related questions…

Q. Rahul asks “Is it OK to run indoors during stay-at-home time?”

A. I assume you mean running  from room to room and not on the treadmill. If at all you are itching to run, and would go insane if you do not run, then I would advise to stick to a short 20-30 minutes easy run. Use your usual shoes if possible.

If you run too long, or without shoes, the new foot strike pattern, the new surface, and hundreds of u-turns is a sure shot invitation for injury.

Q. Asha asks “Is it OK to do exercises fast? For example, trying to complete X repartitions in Y amount of time”

A. Assuming the purpose of doing those exercises is to get the maximum benefit from those specific exercises (for example: Suryanamaskars) or to strengthen your body, the main focus of any exercise should be on proper form. Do the exercises deliberately and with proper form.

If the purpose however is simply getting tired, or get bragging rights on social media, well, then that’s a different matter.



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