Ask The Coach QnA: pacing in a race; energy gels while racing

Coach Atul Godbole answers your training related questions…

Q. Rahul asks “I have a tendency to run fast in the beginning. What should I do?”

A. Take advantage and use your GPS watch to check your pace in the beginning stages of your race. Use the Lap Pace (not the Current Pace) field on the watch. Every few hundred meters or couple of minutes, check your pace; if you are running faster than your intended average target pace, then consciously slow down a bit. Repeat till you establish a rhythm at your desired target pace.


Q. Vijay asks “Should I take energy gels during a full marathon?”

A. Yes, absolutely! Replenishing the carbohydrate stores in your body is important to be able to maintain pace till the end of a full marathon and energy gels do a wonderful job of the same. They are very convenient to carry while racing and they are effective because they consist mostly of fast-absorbing carbs.


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