Ask The Coach Weekly QnA: running on the beach;evening workouts and sleep

Coach Atul Godbole answers your training related questions…

Q. Ajit asks: “I am on a vacation and have access to a beach. Is it advisable to run on the beach?”

A. Running on the beach puts extra load on your ankles due to the very soft and uneven surface. In general, the muscles get used in a slightly different way. I would be careful and avoid running there if you are not used to such surfaces, and especially if you have a history of ankle injuries, or a recent injury of any type.

Q. Vijay asks: “Whenever I do an evening workout, my sleep is disturbed. Is this common?”

A. Yes, many athletes experience this. The closer the workout is to the sleeping time, the more it affects your sleep. Try doing the workouts in the early evening. If not, try to keep the workouts easy and short.


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