Ask The Coach Weekly QnA: high-altitude training; spending on high-end bikes

Coach Atul Godbole answers your training related questions…

Q. Vishal asks “Is training at high-altitude good for marathon prep?”

A. Yes, but only if done properly. High altitude is just another form of stress to your body, like intensity or volume, and if that stress is not applied properly and gradually, then the required adaptation may not happen.

Further, the adaptions are lost gradually over a period of weeks, so your marathon race needs to be within 1-2 weeks of the high altitude training period for maximum benefit.


Q. Rahul asks: “Is it advisable to spend on high end bikes? What sort of improvements can one expect when using a high end bike”?

A. Not as much as one would think. The exact figure is hard to quantify, but you can assume a maximum benefit of 5-10% depending on how advanced and high end bike you go for. I would recommend that you focus instead on your training and increasing your own fitness.

Of course, if money is not an issue, then go for it, the feel-good factor, confidence and motivation that comes with a high-end bike may be worth it.


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