Celebrating the success of Comrades Up Run 2017

An evening to remember…

Celebrating a journey of 9 athletes who took on the mighty beast i.e The Comrades Up run 2017.

Everyone present this evening were marvelled at the determination, strength & commitment of the 9 athletes who ran the The Comrades Up run 87kms in South Africa this year. Three among the nine athletes received  the Comrades Back to Back medal for running two years in succession.

Sacrifices remain a part of every passionate runner, but the evening also witnessed the support of their spouses who claimed that self motivation was each runners driving force.

The runners as part of their training had to face a few long runs through the night, but to make these nights less challenging for them athletes from the team were out there to provide support in every way.

Great amount of Inspiration was derived, as each Comrades runner responded to a few questions put forward by Coach Atul Godbole & athletes.

“Trust in your training” is what they all believed in!

                                            Coach Atul Godbole & his athletes from Motiv8 Coaching


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