Record warmup and cooldown separately in your GPS Watch

Make sure you record your warmup and cooldown runs separately in your GPS watch or Strava app.

This allows you to keep the main session (eg: a tempo run) separate for easy viewing and analysis later.

If you use the same activity, how would you know (without calculating) how your tempo run was?

Suppose you do a 3K warmup at 7:00 pace, a 5K tempo at 5:30 pace and a 2K cooldown at 7:00 pace, the watch will show the average pace of 6:15 for the entire run. A few days (or months or years) later how would you know easily what was your performance for the tempo segment? You would have to calculate the average pace from the lap paces for the middle 5 splits. Such a waste of brain power!

The same applies for other metrics like cadence, average and max HR, etc.

Sure, you can turn off the auto-lap feature and use manual lap at the end of the warmup and tempo segments, but then you would not get lap by lap (km by km) details later, nor would you get lap-wise feedback while you are running!

In conclusion, make sure you record your warmup and cooldown runs separately!


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