Getting rid of post workout headaches: Redux

Having headaches post your long runs, bikes or swims? In a previous tip, we saw one way of getting rid of headaches. Here is another way: Many runners run with lot of tension and stiffness […]

A surefire way to get rid of a side stitch

Ever had to stop or slow down your run by the nasty and painful feeling in the side of your stomach? Thats a side stitch. Two of the most common causes are heavy eating and […]

Getting rid of post workout headaches

Having headaches post your long runs, bikes or swims? They are often caused by loss of salts and electrolytes due to sweating, especially in hot weather. Have an extra salty water or soda drink. Squeeze […]

Try eating this before your workouts and races

Yes, the humble 5 Star chocolate bar. I always hated eating so early in the morning before my workouts and races. Pushing something (anything) down my throat was, lets just say, tricky. So lately I […]

Tying shoelaces properly

Tired of shoe laces getting undone during the run. Or even worse, during a race? Simply do a double-knot to ensure this does not happen! Simple and effective. Even better, use no-tie elastic shoe laces […]

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